We may Reach for the Sky and Make Stones

„I’m really glad that life is full of surprises, that there is nothing there for sure and that even typical everyday events take a different course each time. Art is also a surprise. You can never quite know how the work you’ve just started is going to look like. And here lies it’s charm.“

Barbara Falkowska, tkaniny, 2008

Let’s be surprised. Not worried or regretful.
Or hesitant. Let us just knit
our journeys. We don’t know in full
the outcomes at the start of our trips.
Like time, row after row
we knit in a linear way.
Sequence, order and flow
of stitches and colours we may
choose – or just incorporate.
Some threads break. Does it matter?
Not as much as real threats
and the surprising fabrics and patterns
of all the journeys we travel
in life. No need to unravel.

(Aus verschiedenen Gründen stelle ich das nun hier ein. Irgendwie passt es gerade. Vielleicht erkläre ich später mal.)

Hier sieht man eine Gewebe von Falkowska.

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